Sunday, October 13, 2013

Leather and Corduroy Aviator jacket

This particular model two-tone jacket was introduced c. 1940, and continued being produced through the war years.  It had a reprocessed corded melton wool body and capeskin front panels and trim.  By this time, the asymmetric zipper style had come to be called an "aviator" jacket.  This particular model was only sold in children's and teen's sizes. As with many teen's clothes, it was made to a lower price-point than its adult counterparts, which may explain the construction.  A mostly wool jacket is cheaper than an all-leather jacket, but the leather panels gives it the styling and wind resistance of the more expensive product.  Reprocessed wool would have been significantly less expensive than virgin wool. Made during wartime, this could have been as much a material-saving material choice as a cost-cutting one. 

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