Thursday, April 8, 2010

Flea Markets and the "Eye"

As strange as it sounds one of the rarest skills you can have in the world of vintage leather jackets is the "eye" What is the "eye"? It is the rarest of the rare person who can walk around looking at thousands and thousands of items of personal clothing, diamonds, faces or any other commodity of beauty and pick out the finest, the best, the most unique ones. For someone with the "eye" uniqueness and beauty explode out out from a sea of mediocrity like a bright shining light. You can trust me after 20 years of employing people whose only job is to find pretty clothing there are those that try and every once and a while there is a genius that can spot the finest fabric, pattern or design, with just the tiniest corner poking out of a huge pile of clothing. These "eye" masters are the bread and butter of vintage dealers because they supply all the commodities behind the history of the these garments. I'm more of a "history" dealer and these guys are genius hunters. Check out Lisa Bonet and Jason Momoa (Stargate Atlantis) hunting around for her perfect piece of clothing...or wait, there is fellow Canuck Michael Cera!! Look at the lads from 35 Summers and Rocky  Mountain Featherbed Company Japan, Kinji Teramoto! That strange salt and pepper coverall is actually a 1920s Harley Davidson rain suit very cool, and the denim is pre 1920s Japanese indigo denim which is super nice and rare!