Thursday, October 11, 2007

Vintage Leather Jackets

I've started this blog like a little gamete hoping to grow it into something more than a single cell. I happen to have one of the largest collections of vintage leather jackets around. These jackets stretch back to 1900 and involve every major company that made jackets in North America and some folk and native pieces. I have extensive collections of club culture items including biker club patches, car club and military squad stuff as well. I've had a inkling or an itch lately to do something about my collection of jackets, and it appears my current desires require me getting off my butt and doing something about it. I'm tired of all those blogs about Leather that are really just advertisements for bad brands, from bad designers who manufacture cheap crappy leather jackets for cheap cheap in China, Korea and Pakistan.
I am hoping to share my thoughts and discussions about the companies that are out there making and designing clothing, share some of my information and knowledge about vintage clothing and in the end share stories and ideas while I develop my own line of vintage leather jackets. I'm out here hoping to hear about other people's stories about jackets and leather stuff they own and they love. Who made it or where they got it; why they love it. I also want to hear and share stories about the bad ones, the crap that you bought and threw away. I want to hear about the good makers the bad makers and the in between makers; the new, the old and the vintage makers. And if anybody has any questions or wants any opinion on leather, leather making or an old jacket or clothing history I am here to share the little bit of knowledge that I have accumulated in the 14 years that I have been in the vintage clothing business.