Monday, September 2, 2013

Aero Leather Clothing Company - Beacon, NY

The Aero Leather Clothing Company was founded c. 1937 by former Werber employees Abraham Wolkowitz and John Lieberman. They produced jackets at the former Paterson Overall Co. mill, located at 79 Ferry Street, Beacon, NY. Wolkowitz was born in Poland in 1900, and came over sometime before 1920. He was extremely active in Beacon's Jewish community- a window he donated to the BHA Sanctuary can be seen here. Into the 1940s, Wolkowitz roomed in a house at 56 Teller Ave, Beacon, NY with his younger brother, Ralph Wolkowitz (operator at Aero) and Abraham Kauffman (cutter at Aero) and his family. 

The Aero factory no longer stands, but here is the house where the owner and several employees lived.