Monday, October 27, 2008

Los Angeles, Logos and Design, Simple Simple Simple

I've been busy designing a logo for my new company. I'm trying to balance the tightrope between clean iconic design and horrifying kitsch. When designing the line between clear identifiable brand and derivative dumb hommage is very thin. The only thing worse than dumb homage is over wrought nightmarish flourish. So since I have sought out designers the detente between trying to get what you want and not offending those offering the design is a very scary tightrope. I ask for simple and iconic and I get back L.A. style Germanic overwrought skater style images. I immediately morph into a critical lunatic. I don't want to be Ed Hardy, or Juicy or anything tattoo related I say. Does anybody understand? Man, the Japanese are so far ahead of North America stylistically, who would have thunk it.
All this aside, I collected some of the best iconic brands here so in case anybody ever asks me what is simple and iconic they can refer to the above!!!