Monday, July 28, 2014

1930s Lampelt double breasted horsehide coat

I'm finally back after a two month architecture design/build in Wilsall, Montana with the Artemis Institute.  
Keep an eye out for a slew of new posts in the following weeks.  - Spencer Stewart

This vintage coat was made in the 1930s and was sold in Boston by Lampelt sportswear, a manufacturer or sheeplined leather coats such as this and of grizzly jackets. The coat is made of horsehide leather, is double breasted, with a broad sheepskin shawl collar, handwarmer pockets, flapped cargo pockets and a belt. The back has a square cut yoke. There are button adjuster tabs on the sleeves. Inside, the jacket has a sheepskin lining, with blanket lined sleeves and brown corduroy trim. These coats were popular pre-war with motorcycle riders and as workwear in the fall and winter. The leather is nicely supple on this example.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

1940s Hercules shawl collar horsehide coat

Although I can not find it in Sears catalogs post-war, this front quarter horsehide leather coat bears a c.1947 Hercules Outerwear label.  The original bakelite buttons were replaced at some point with post-war US Air Force metal buttons, and the belt was removed.  The brown mouton collar on the black leather is a great look.  Inside is corduroy trim and a cotton, as opposed to sheepskin, lining.

1929 Shawl Collar horsehide coat

Make us the finest horsehide coat ever made.

Shawl collar, sheepskin lining, corduroy trim.