Thursday, March 19, 2009

J.P. Sartre...The New Age and the Overcoat

Since I turned 40 I have lived with a strange sense of regret and nostalgia. Apart from the obvious which is that I dive through dead peoples clothing for a living there are many things about this new age that bother my core. Many of the best people that shaped my life have died, and many of the new ideas I thought might change the world in the end corrupted it. I grew up reading everything I could find in non fiction and science fiction. By the time I was 14 I was one messed up well read punk. J.P. was one of my greatest influences. I often wonder what Sartre would have thought of the corporate bastards on Wall Street and their philosophical inner selves. Does a trader ever suffer existential inner angst and nausea...or does his limited existence free him up from any responsibility that those who fear god live in...hopefully some will find out in jail! J.P. was a cool dresser and loved his old things. Look at these beautiful ancient canvass coats he used to wear. They used to bind you up like a canvass and sheepskin cocoon against the harshness of reality and reflect the zeitgeist of the period when they were made...that is what they were for. I have this European number on Ebay as we speak and it is reminds me of a time when at least people questioned their reason for existence and feared for it!