Saturday, July 19, 2008

Leather Fetish and Normalacy: Which are You?

So what is the line between fetish, obsession and "normal"? Hmmmm, my wife goes oragasmic over Cole Haan bags, and Manolo shoes...I sometimes think I am married to Ms. Marcos! I've often wondered if my collection of leather is obsessional myself, with the piles of jackets I have accumulated. Just when I though...hmmm maybe Im normal...I don't dress up in leather thongs and go to big parties for whippings (not that there is anything wrong with that) I remember back to my first really cool jacket and how excited I was when I bought it. I remember the creak of the hard leather as it folded and broke in, the sense of protection that it offered and that smell! Well, now I am remembering why Nancy gets so excited about that bag and those shoes...and hell Im not the only one who obviously has this fascination just check out some of the links on my blog or this guy!!!!

Its not like its weird I just forget that I have it and dont know why!