Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween and the Rise of the Dead!!!!

I like to think of myself as an intriguing mix of Alfred E. Newman meets Steve McQueen. This year for Halloweeny instead of my usual fare, Nance and I dug into the archive of vintage leather and went as dead 40s bikers. I considered it an homage to all those people who lived hard, died and left me their fantastic apparel. In some way their spirits live on in their leathers so we donned the garbs and went aspookin. This was a nice prelude to some interviews I'm doing with some real old time club bikers who are nice enough to share some picture and stories from their day. I'm wearing a Buco police jacket and a pair of Score (Toronto) 1940s copy Harley jodhpurs with 1940s harness boots and a 1930s military belt, Nance is in a 1940s Cycle Queen, some 1950s flat track racing pants and we both have on early riding gauntlets. Halloween was...awesome!