Friday, May 2, 2008

Anxiety, Sleeplessness and Startups

"True entrepreneurs are basically unemployable. Nobody wants a former boss as an employee. They don't just fade away, they start new companies." I stole this quote from a blog this morning after a night without sleep!

At a crossroads with my life, I'm 41 and looking for a change. Last night there was no sleep for me. I had a dream that I met an angel, and she took me under her wing. She installed inspiration: patterns, design, sewing, tanning...everything and everyone I know came back to me all at do I harness this and at what point do I need to be the "man" who knows it all myself. Entrepreneurs are control freaks by nature...successful or not I can't stand not being in control! I can't seem to get past my mind explosion regarding this crap...where is the angel? I really don't want another night of sleeplessness. On that note, check out this pre-war suede jacket that I will be selling this week. The suede is thick leather, with some sort of damage that beat up the jacket. Very authentic. My favorite aspect of these early jackets is the variety of blanket liners that early makers used. This one is a high quality check plaid, which added a soft warm quality to the beautiful suede. It is amazing to see the custom qualities of pre-war jackets regarding liners because by the 1950s makers started using standardized rayon insulated liners that really cheapened the quality of 1950s jackets. That flannel liner represents the precursor of the paradigm shift from small custom shops to big production industrial makers of the 1950s like Sears and Buco.