Monday, June 7, 2010

Katsu and Custom Belts

I have been suffering blog fatigue of late.  I noticed there has been a proliferation of blogs out in the world and it seems that mine has not been growing traffic. I am working on reaching out to the people who love vintage more and more.  So in the upcoming weeks I will be launching my own website for my leather jackets, plus a new blog which will hopefully capture the travails and trials of trying to start a clothing brand.  I will apologize in advance for not posting enough...however with the overwhelming need to "make money" and take care of my sick dad I have just not felt up to it.  That being said..I have been meaning to shout out to my good friend Katsu of Rockahula  in Japan. 
Part of my job is meeting up with my friends and other like minded vintage nuts to share information and ideas.  While in Tokyo my good friend Kat took a train for an hour and a half to come meet Nancy and me at our hotel.  We had an excellent day just chatting and showing off our stuff.  Kat is a long time customer of mine..we met years and years ago at the beginnings of Ebay.  Two guys the same age on opposite sides of the planet in the same business who never even shook hands!  For years I've been selling Kat rare vintage pieces for his store and finally after years of emailing we met in person.  What a great guy!  Kat not only represents vintage style for his city...but he is a locus point for "vintage lifestyle".  He is committed to the clothing and the culture of early fashion.  I hope to be selling some of his hand cut, hand finished and hand studded motorcycle gear on my upcoming website.  His style is amazing and his gear is amazing.  It was sooo cool to see my jackets on such a cool guy fitting perfectly...and to see his awesome belts on Nance!  Thanks Kat!