Friday, March 12, 2010

Computers, the Web and Leather I've spent the last 3 weeks getting my life ready for websites and tax season. I came back from the wide world to heaps and heaps of paperwork..This just in time for one of my 3.5 inch hard drives to crap out. Geeze...I have decided to shed the 3.5 format, afterall this is a replacement drive for the last drive; 4 drives in 1 year. I got some advice and bought an Acer Revo machine. How cool is this...full power media and graphics machine in the space of a modem. Enough of my techie obsessions...step 2 of getting home was to set up a website to compliment the blog and start selling some new leather jackets. I was pretty far along when my good friend and talented webby girl reached her limit of winter and went on holidays. I figured after getting my host and equipment, setting up a temporary Wordpress site would be a piece of cake. Boy was I wrong. Sometimes it sucks when you cant be a jack of all trades!

Ok, enough of that lets get back to Los Angeles and the Inspiration show . After a hard day of setup Rin organized a special pre-show viewing for show participants and v.i.p.s. This turned into a huge party! Around 4 pm Barker Hanger began to fill with vintage celebrities and fashionista of every variety. My anticipation was building because I knew that I would be meeting many of my friends and business relations in person for the first time. There is a strange phenomenon of web business, I have been collaborating in some cases for years with people that I speak to and see every day through my computers but have never shaken hands with flesh to flesh. Wow who would have thunk it! There's a picture of me with my good friend and conspirator John Chapman of Goodwear Leather We exchanged our jackets for that one. And these other cool guys are the dudes of Deus Motorcycles . They came all the way from Australia to participate. That's Carby Tuckwell trying on one of my jackets...part of the design team behind Deus Ex Machina and their custom bobbers, fashion and club culture D.N.A.