Friday, December 28, 2007

making leather jackets. Usually in every city there is a tandy leather company. They have books on jackets, leather, leather tooling cutting and other things. You should check them out and they have a website. You can learn all about this stuff there or the library. I personally have years of experience collecting and used to design clothes but Im a bit of a rookie myself,



I sent you a personal note about First jackets to your email

Sunday, November 4, 2007


Weird. I was sitting around today thinking about my past in academics and art, and starting to doubt why I am trying to go through this process. Why make clothing? there is clearly no money in it, no style left to create. I went for a walk in the giant outdoor shopping mall that is Queen Street West, and looked at the "vintage inspired" designs that proliferated the shelves from boots and bags to jackets and jeans.

I relived all the design pieces I have sold to Ralph Lauren, A.F and all the other companies that have dissected these pieces like Dr. Frankenstein to recreate this re constructivist fashion that proliferates like a Maoist uniform in the retail world. Sometimes it overwhelms me when I see new fashion because after so many years in schmata I see all the little bits and pieces ripped from their offspring, a pocket from this jacket and a collar from that jacket.

What did I learn? Well my thoughts turned to Japan where they continually recreate identical copies, both in style and form of all things vintage (1900 to 1975). IS THERE ROOM FOR ME?

Epiphany: I want to carry on the traditions of those dead and gone Jews who designed with utility and beauty... as though corporatist fashion crapola never appeared and then exported the whole industry to slave labour in Asia. I want to extend the hand of my grandfather and his brothers, picking up where my father left the gap to go on to medicine. Lets hope this goal is possible and I hope it is lofty as well cause if it is a mediocre desire, I suspect it will end in disappointment.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

This was a letter posted on my friends website

I joined the goup to have this conversation... what is so cool about vintage? I'm all about being yourself, and I don't know how being like people used to be has anything to do with being yourself? How can one define themselves by emulating what others have done in the past... Maybe I'm crazy,but I think starting something new is what it is all about... If vintage was where it's at, why did people stop doing it? I hate fads, and I don't get bringing old ones back!

This may be a bit of a buzz kill, but hey, I'm all about originality and vintage, just like retro, is by definition... not original.

To me learning from the past and incorporating what others have done into something new and different is the way to go! Feel free to disagree, it's why I commented!



your assumption about originality is based on a false premise. Things ;style; trends do not occur in a vacume. Further rarely is any item manufactured in the modern industrial age trully unique say in the way great great grandma might produce a peice of folk art. Reification (the loss of the "original") and the industrial process eliminated "originality" as as a reprocussion of the postmodernist age we are left with homages, bricollages and intertextualities in place of "originality". That being said designers today mostly and simply borrow from styles in the past, mixing up the metaphors to create an "aura" of originality. The past i.e. vintage clothing represent the eons of developement of clothing based on utility and ceremony, lets say tribalism meets can hunt in it and look cool and scary in it. So people into vintage clothing are more about "originality" or perhaps past context far more then those "style makers" today. They honour the traditions of tribalism, unionism, industrialism and folk artism that seem so irrellevant in a word where clothes are produced for the cheapest dollar, feel free to see my thoughts and feeling on this in my group on VINTAGE LEATHER JACKETS or on my blog

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Death Data and Design

What an exciting day Ive had. I thought I would be cheeky so I bought two 500 GB harddrives and decided to store all my photos, music and digital data in one place. Easier said then done. Since 1984 I have owned probably twenty computers. Nevermind all the formats that have come and gone, and forget my personal images Im just trying to sort out 14 years of photos of cool vintage clothing and leather jackets....ugggh. After years of windows crapouts and maxtor hd failures, seagate crash and burns I have 10 hds that I have to scan through usb, 25 dvds of various old hds in backup for and 6 computers to scan through, try it sometime. Microsoft defeats technology! It makes file management impossible. Without some cool utilities like "Check Identical Files" software I would be screwed...boy its hard to get all your designs in one place

Monday, October 15, 2007


Wow have I learned some valuable lessons this week. Try and find honest shippers, business is so skewed toward multinationals buying cheap junk and bringing it to North America, but try and run a small business and ship goods to asia...forgedaboudit. As I learned shipping companies keep no assets, and have little compassion or honour, just paper contracts and markups with bigger shipping companies, so behind every shipper is another shipper and they are all extorting the little guy..."Canada is a small market,...blah blah blah" . Try and grow a business in a "small market mentality" ...where the hell is the next Blackberry going to come from with these idiots blocking everybodies way....phew I feel so much better now if I could just get my money back!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Vintage Leather Jackets

I've started this blog like a little gamete hoping to grow it into something more than a single cell. I happen to have one of the largest collections of vintage leather jackets around. These jackets stretch back to 1900 and involve every major company that made jackets in North America and some folk and native pieces. I have extensive collections of club culture items including biker club patches, car club and military squad stuff as well. I've had a inkling or an itch lately to do something about my collection of jackets, and it appears my current desires require me getting off my butt and doing something about it. I'm tired of all those blogs about Leather that are really just advertisements for bad brands, from bad designers who manufacture cheap crappy leather jackets for cheap cheap in China, Korea and Pakistan.
I am hoping to share my thoughts and discussions about the companies that are out there making and designing clothing, share some of my information and knowledge about vintage clothing and in the end share stories and ideas while I develop my own line of vintage leather jackets. I'm out here hoping to hear about other people's stories about jackets and leather stuff they own and they love. Who made it or where they got it; why they love it. I also want to hear and share stories about the bad ones, the crap that you bought and threw away. I want to hear about the good makers the bad makers and the in between makers; the new, the old and the vintage makers. And if anybody has any questions or wants any opinion on leather, leather making or an old jacket or clothing history I am here to share the little bit of knowledge that I have accumulated in the 14 years that I have been in the vintage clothing business.