Death Data and Design

What an exciting day Ive had. I thought I would be cheeky so I bought two 500 GB harddrives and decided to store all my photos, music and digital data in one place. Easier said then done. Since 1984 I have owned probably twenty computers. Nevermind all the formats that have come and gone, and forget my personal images Im just trying to sort out 14 years of photos of cool vintage clothing and leather jackets....ugggh. After years of windows crapouts and maxtor hd failures, seagate crash and burns I have 10 hds that I have to scan through usb, 25 dvds of various old hds in backup for and 6 computers to scan through, try it sometime. Microsoft defeats technology! It makes file management impossible. Without some cool utilities like "Check Identical Files" software I would be screwed...boy its hard to get all your designs in one place


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