Chills, Thrills and Rare Jackets

Ok, so every once and a while I don't actually feel like posting. I'm down in the dumps after a hard week of not selling enough, and not having my phone calls returned. So just when I'm feeling about as low as I can...I jump on Ebay and BAM!!!!! My heart flutters as I view some of the holy grail of leather jackets. In front of my eyes an incredibly rare Leathertogs 1930s size 46 brown motorcycle jacket of the type worn in the movie serial Buck Rogers!!! If you ever want to see beauty in leather, this mint condition jacket still has the patina of its newish state, and on top of that, a sweet 50s Buco riding shirt and a 1950s Grais casual wear jacket....I had chills, now if I only had 4700 dollars to buy the leathertogs that would make one very happy schamta boy in Toronto!!


  1. Hi David, I just surfed onto your site from google. Sooo good. I really like this Grais 1950's Casual wear jacket. Where can I find it? And where can I find jackets that are similar to this one?

    Great site!!!

  2. Sadly you cant just go out and buy one, you have to hunt them down on ebay or in thrift stores or deal with copiests or vintage dealers like myself. Im in the process of developing a line of my own designs of vintage jackets


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