Biplane G-1

I love a jacket with a story.
This 1950s USN G-1 flight jacket did the bulk of its service as a loaner jacket for a company doing bi-plane rides in upstate New York.  The lining had shredded and been repaired over the years, exposing the blue elastic that keeps the bi-swing back in check.  The inside was marked, somewhat enigmatically with the town, Poultney, Vermont.  The cuffs had been replaced, the waistband was falling apart, the zipper broken, and the mouton had matted and was starting to go bald.  In short, even for a job where most any jacket will do, it had had it. But every blemish represents hours of flight time on the backs of people chasing the dream and the romance of flight.

Photos (c) Michael G. Stewart Photographer and Vintage-Haberdashers


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