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Abercrombie and Fitch utility jacket

1941 Aviation Style jacket

1941 Boyville Aviator jacket

1940 - Boyville JR aviator's jacket

1940 - Boyville Aviation Jacket

1940- Ponyhide Aviation Jacket

Horsehide Suits - 1896

Leather Jackets of 1896

1970s suede trucker jacket

1930s Pritzker Air-O-Coat cossack jacket

1930s ostrich embossed cossack jacket

1930s Californian suede leather vest

Montgomery Ward Aviator Jacket

Uranium mine rescue jacket

1941 Child's aviation jacket

1950s Fringed Utility jacket

1950s Hercules motorcycle jacket

1970s Trumpeter D- Pocket

1920s Leather LINED coat

Crown zip mouton collared bomber jacket