1937 Talon Lineup

I got a 1937 dated Talon order sheet the other day with their lineup of zipper designs. 

Some interesting bits from the form: 
As discussed in the previous post, the separable bottomed zipper was introduced by Hookless/Talon in 1930.  It has a folded metal stop-box to mesh the two ends, flanked by reinforcing grommets. From what I've seen and read, I had assumed that the deco/sunburst style stopbox replaced the grommet style. Jackets with the grommet style regularly go for way more than their "deco" zippered brothers. But then here I get this order form, and the two are shown side by side. So, a grommet zip does not assure an early 1930s date of manufacture.  
Style 101 (above):  "In Rainbow Colors: with Automatic lock.  For sweaters and lightweight coat type garments that come apart completely." You sometimes see this style zipper with a brown painted stop box on WWII flight jackets. I have a ski jacket made in this same timeframe that has a green zipper of this design- green tape, green painted teeth, stop box and pull.  

Style 102 (below): "With Automatic Lock.  For wind breakers, jackets, and coat-type garments that come apart completely at both ends."  

The order form includes a number of other zip styles available in that year. Below are the pull styles available.

From left: 
Style 111: In rainbow colors.  Specifically designed for skirt plackets.  Reinforced cross tape at bottom takes up excess strain when skirt is pulled down off the hips.
Style 112: In rainbow colors.  Specifically designed for dress plackets.  Seam guard at top guarantees a free smooth opening and closing.
Style 106: Spectra - Light Weight, non-metal.  Gives brilliant color contrast wherever used.
Style 107: With Automatic Lock - For all types of corsets and girdles
Style 108: In Rainbow Colors.  With Automatic Lock.  For lingerie, children's clothing and neck openings of dresses.

From Left:
Style 103: With Automatic Lock: For neck openings of lightweight dresses, blouses, etc.
Style 105: With Automatic Lock.  For heavy clothing, snow suits, luggage, etc.
Style 110: Pin Lock, for lightweight materials with small openings
Style 109: Pin Lock.  For heavy materials with small openings. 


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