Inspiration 2012; All Aboard the Queen Mary

 Its that special time of year again.  Clothing companies head west to Las Vegas for Magic and Project.  Gigantic shows where little and big fashion brands alike get to show off their wears.  It is also the time of year where I travel to Inspiration one more time to meet up with all the brethren and sistren that make up the crazy world of vintage dealers, vintage designers, fashion brand owners, collaborators and store owners.  Where else will you meet designers for Levis, Woolrich, and the biggest brands in the world, hanging out with surfers and photographers.
 Inspiration is the brainchild of Rin Tanaka.  Rin spent years networking with the best vintage collectors on the planet in England, Canada, Japan and the U.S.A. photographing their wears and publishing some of the finest books on the topic.  His genius was to organize Inspiration, a culture jam where designers, vintage dealers, musicians, surfers, shoppers, gurus, and the like can all meet up hang out and exchange ideas.  My brand Himel Brothers will be there, so will vintage king Larry Heller, Zip Stevenson of Hollywood Trading Co., my good friend Eric Schrader of Junkyardjeans. As well I will be travelling with Brett Viberg of Viberg Boots, and schmoozing with old and new friends alike.  The list goes on and on but the
 best way to see who is showing there is to go to Rin's website and look at the ship map.  Never mind the ship itself is absolutely beautiful!!!!  So come on down and check out the show and jump over to the website at Inspiration 2012 and check out the show.   Ultimately if you are interested in buying or seeing some of the most innovative designs or rarest vintage on the planet this is the place to be!!!!! I will post show for those of you who cannot make it down and offer an insiders view! Check out the newest coolest magazine launching at the show.....Clutch Magazine which will feature Himel Brothers amongst other fantastic brands!!!!


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