Himel Brothers Leather: New Designs and Traditions of Mixing Media

I have not posted about my leather jacket project Himel Bros in a while and in fact I've barely posted at all on my blog here.  Its not for the lack of love I have for my blogs to be sure.  I have simply been so absorbed in the Himel Brothers projects that I have barely had time to come up for air.

I am of course doing everything top to bottom at the shop.  I design the jackets, labels, pick fabrics, do branding, blogging, webstuff and on an on and on including putting the button holes on the jackets. 

I between jobs I still have to go out and find vintage jackets to buy and sell, post stuff up on my website and communicate with all my customers.  We are always looking for customers and given the hard times people are in I am always trying to make everybody feel welcome and have a great experience for their hard earned and kept money! 
 Lately I've been working on projects in mixed media.  One of the great traditions of vintage leather companies was to combine fabrics, leather and textures to create really crazy abominations of leather jackets.  These jackets often had so much flare that they made the wearer look extra tough.   From blanket jackets to Grizzly jackets I've posted in the past about the aesthetics of these combinations which often created loud displays and statements for the wearer.  Recently I made a few versions myself.  The buffalo hair on with brown horsehide was one.  And the last month I have been experimenting with wool, oilskin and leather.  I'm really really proud of the results, especially the plaid wool goat skin Heron model.  I think it turned out really snappy  with the contrasting chin strap and the deadstock navy style urethane buttons.   Super cool!


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