Summer Comes in With a Bang: Barber Shops and Rockabilly

 Summer arrived with a bang in Kensington Market.  Ive been struggling with the fact that I have my feet in two or three ponds at the moment and cant get back onto dry land!  One of the bonus' of this new generation of vintage lovers is the arrival of a new appreciation of bad ass old school cars and a new wave of business owners.  While barber shops were closing up because the old Italian and Portuguese barbers were retiring...a new trend has been emerging here in Toronto and elsewhere.  Gen Y'rs have seen opportunities to take up traditional jobs in the marketplace and rebrand them as cool!

In L.A. right next to CraftWorkWear they have subleased to a cool barbershop, and here in Toronto, my friend Roger has also done the same thing.  There is now a dirge of vintage cars and free Rockabilly bands floating around my beautiful neighbourhood!  Even my old butchershop Max and Sons, has been bought and rebranded with local meats but more on that later.  For now enjoy some snaps of my friends and neighbors!


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