Things That Bug Me: Other Stuff

Things that bug me about bloggin:  Ok...nice that Blogger is free and lets anybody pop up a website but really add something to the world, write, find, search...just add something.

Things that bug me about Blogger:  Cool new would be nice if they told me about it...and geeze why do my widgets no longer all work...where are all my followers?  You would think a mega corp like google would have the cowboys to make sure that they bits and pieces all mesh.

Things that bug me about posting:  I really want to add to the world but I never hear back from the readers popping in and out of my blogs.  Leave a comment so that the 300 spammers trying to get links to their "made in Pakistan" leather sites are not the only comments I get to delete!

Things that bug me about bloggers:  Why is it that some bloggers who started with me way back when, and then become super successful bloggers with mega millions of readers now take the links off their pages.  All those links were good enough to get readers from other dudes like me and my blog  at the beginning of their baby empires, eh?  Seems like you are only as good as your community...not good karma! (not pointing fingers at anybody).

Things that bug me about some companies:  I get contacted by people all the time that want to know the price of something, or where can I get this or that.  Or maybe they try and sell me a leather jacket.  They always seem to be looking out for number 1...themselves.  Hey, if you try to sell your jacket on ebay or craigslist don't email me looking to get some crazed retail price after trying to sell your shit to every Tom, Dick and Harry...I don't want your stinkin jacket.  If you call me asking for help and I ask you for an interview after giving you free information for an hour...don't turn me down and stop returning my phone calls you selfish*&^* ers.

OK, so my good good friend Phil grew up with a very interesting dad.  Phil's pops wasn't the best dad and I will be delicate here.  Papa Foubert was not know for his patriarchal skills, but he was quite well known for his cult like status as race car driver, biker and local track junkie.  I am going to write more about Larry when Phil coughs up some stories at poker.  For now I spent some time scanning Phil's collection of photos of his dearly departed pops and I am going to share a few.  It is great guys like my good friend Phil that make my blog fun, and my life interesting.  His generosity with his dad's life gives me windows into my own life.  I used to buy Revell model stock cars and build them when I was a kid, meanwhile Phil was sitting on the hood of his dad's car right after a races at Pinecrest and Flamboro.


  1. David,
    I gotta say, You(along with Bill over at Craft)are part of the minority that both speak their mind and actually have something interesting and valid to share. More than a few time I've read your posts and though to myself "my thoughts exactly". Believe it or not, sometimes these rants don't only fall on deaf ears.
    Keep up the fight to raise the bar high and keep up the great work.

  2. Hi,
    I just stumbled across your site and love it......spent a couple of hours hooking up with your links too. Your words ring true. A friend of mine and I were talking yesterday about the increasing lack of integrity shown not only by dodgy sellers, but also the ordinary person. Everybody wants things easily and cheaply and is prepared to scam to get it. The evidence is everywhere, in the day to day things that people say and do. Old style quality has endured thanks to people like you and it has a dedicated small (in terms of the population at large), but increasing following now. I think it's because the few recognise a sense of permanency or solidity in the goods. I'm no luddite as I've embraced the technology and materials that work for me in the modern world. However, I also love the enduring quality and style of clothing and objects from the past....paying attention to the past and the present leads the way forward. I ride and photograph old and chopped up motorcycles....not for a living as I used to, it's just not viable in Australia anymore. For me it's about keeping these things going and discovering like minded others, keep the faith.


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