Inspiration Part 2 and 3: L.A. and Vintage

Inspiration was cool.  I forget how much fun working in vintage clothing can be...nevermind the excitement of developing Himel Brothers Leather .  I went to LA in the depths of winter and emerged pleasantly happy.  I meet the legends and owners of Langlitz leather in Seattle.  Dave told me some great stories about a vintage Langlitz piece on displ in my booth.

I hung out with my good friend Robert Medellin. Rob has a new boot project on the go Ace Boots...look em up on Facebook.  Here is a picture of Zip Stevenson of Hollywood Trading Co.  checking out Roberts boot and giving some good criticism.  My good buddy Eric from JunkYardJeans whom I shared my booth with made me an awesome Himel Brothers Patch with his vintage custom chain-stitch machine.  Unfortunately a guy stole it at the show (I have his picture but I have chosen to let him live with the karma).  Check out the cutie girl mezmorized by the sewing machine.  There were designers of every ilk there.

Samurai vintage clothing, Lewis Leather's Derek Harris, his good friend Pete who runs a cool skateboard shop in England, everybody in the vintage and new design business attended the show.  Levis and other heritage brands had booths as well.  I will post more photos as soon as a finish processing them!  Thanks for reading!


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