Spring is Coming: Kensington Market and the Joy of Vintage

The best part about where I live is the beauty of my neighbourhood.  Toronto is a very walkable city, and I live in Chinatown and Kensington Market!  I have lived here for almost 20 years in the same apartment.  It is in actuality a return to my roots.  My Grandmother (Bubby) moved to this hood in the 1920s.  In fact all my relatives lived here in the 1920s.  The neighbourhood was known as the "Jewish Market"back then and for anyone over the age of 60 it still is.  A lot has changed in Toronto in the ensuing 70 years.  My hood is a place where immigrants come to settle and open small shops, where Chinese, Vietnamese and other immigrants run restaurants late into the night, and where food stalls and vintage clothing stores abound.  Toronto is a city for walking.  And my daily job is not just to design leather jackets, and hunt in gigantic rag factories for vintage, but it is to walk in my favourite hood on the planet with my favourite people and go shopping.  These pics are from a day of shopping with my beautiful wife Nance and our gal pal Sal!  That cool guy in the blue jacket is one of my vintage compadres Roger wearing a gorgeous blue Brimaco jacket I traded him for another
amazing jacket that he had!  Roger is a vintage car and motorcycle nut and owns more than 20 of them!  If I only had the parking I would try and emulate him.  Sal scored 5 pairs of deadstock 1950s and 60s ladies gloves due to her tiny hands and is admiring the awesomeness of her purchase!

Roger Desousa

roger flashback
salima pirani


salima pirani


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