Halloween: Scary Times in Bates Suits!

 Halloween has come again.  There are certain advantages to these celebrations when you are a vintage clothing dealer.  Unlike my friends who hem and haw and stress to find a costume, I have a huge closet archives of well assigned vintage waiting for me to play.

So I love Halloween more then Christmas or any other day.  Its origins are likely Celtic in nature, based on the celebration of Samhain , or Summers End festival.  And truly Halloween marks the end of the long fun lazy days of being outside here in Canada, to the long, cold, inside nights of winter.  It is one of the last few events that thrusts adventurers into the cold night to seek out parties and express their inner selves. The
holiday has become a real North American adventure, combining rituals
and celebrations from Latin American Day of the Dead festivities to
European sacrificial traditions and Gothic Literature!

 For me, and goths, and fetishists, and people who like to be scared, and kids, and theists, and atheists, and others, Halloween has become a time to express outwardly a lot of inward, hidden agendas.  It is one of the few times of the year where some Men will dress as women, where women will dress as "slutty" or where people will characterize themselves in all sorts of renditions of superheros, characters, inanimate objects dárt, bondage, anime, or evil spirits, and they can do this without being judged or scorned.  Inner phantasys come out, and people express secret inner selves.  To me every Halloween is like that Star Trek episode The Return of the Archons  where the Red Hour strikes and people go wild having fun, whilst their regular lives are sedate and tame and living in an authoritarian state under the all watching eye of Landrau!

Good gracious I love Halloween.  This year the wife went as Amy Winehouse, and I pulled out an excellent old school Bates racing suit my size, with classic tricolours styling.  Dead biker is always a favourite theme.

The holiday was celebrated in style and good times were had by all!!!!


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