Fashion Shows: Benefits of Design

One of the bonus' of my job is that I get to attend fashion shows.  There are practically no shows relating to leather and motorcycling however it is very very hard to turn down invites to these parties.  I do occassionally get inspired by some young designers and at the very least I get to reach out and meet people who are the ground floor of future design.  During Nuit Blanche this year I had a very nice opener!  It was an excellent escape from the pressures of getting back to building jackets and flogging vintage. Nance is wearing a classic 60s Bates cafe racer.  These jackets in teenage sizes look incredible on the fairer sex!


  1. Hi!!!!

    I am SOOO glad I found this blog!!! You see, a year ago I was convinced that my wardrobe was utterly lacking and wanted for a leather jacket. BUT sometimes I get very specific images of clothing items in my head, am not able to find a suitable replacement, and so I design and make it myself (it all started with a prom dress...)

    My problem this time around was that I bought a $5 amaaazing lined men's leather jacket at a thrift store, only to come home and realize that NOBODY on the internet has posted a "how-to" on making your own leather jacket!!

    I really know nothing about making clothes, I just make stuff up as I go along, but I realize that leather is not quite as easy to work with as cloth, and I would LOVE love loooooove to pick your brain on how to get started on this project!!!!!!

    Please shoot me an e-mail, waldenjjr at aol dot com, because I'm really not going to obsessively check back to see if you responded to me here- and thanks in advance!



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