Just Because: I've Been Absent...Coming Soon


  1. HI DAVID… LET'S HAVE A LOOK TO MY NEW BLOG… HOPE TO BUY YOUR A1 JACKET in another occasion and impatient to see your new collection. Arnaud from france

  2. oh man that red/pink/maroon jacket is dreammmmyyyy!

  3. Hey I'm a freelancing graphics designer and was wondering if you would be interested in having my re-design your website.
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    please reply if you are interested.

  4. David please email me and let me know you still have that red pink and maroon piece!!

    you have my blog on your listings!

    the antiquated mindset!

  5. David im interested in that top right beauty. Please email me the price! My info is on my webpage.

    Later on


  6. That jacket is currently owned by Larry Heller of Hellers Cafe, Seattle. Larry has probably the best collection of designer pieces in the world and is always happy to entertain new clients!


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