One Month of Ebay: Holidays are Fun

Sometimes when I'm tired I don't quite feel like posting. I've been plugging away on my branding and being the consummate control freak and not having any proficiency in web design or Illustrator is kinda like fighting a gladiator at the coliseum with just a loin cloth! I've been afraid to post because of lack of inspiration, you could say I have postophobia. What is the cure for postophobia you say...I say ebay sellers with cash flow crisis! Some ammaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing jackets have been popping up on ebay over the last month it would appear people have holiday bills to pay. How inspirational and a reminder to me that all I really want to do is build cool jackets and have people buy them. Oh and here is an updated photo of one of my grizzly jackets with the grommets set in. It took me 5 months to find the right set of tools to roll an original nickle plated brass rivet and set it perfectly without cracking.


  1. woah! so rad .. damn living in the desert.

  2. Loved reading about all the vintage leather. Great site. I have a question however. There is a photo of a celebrity on the web that I have come across and he is wearing an awesome leather jacket. Its not nessesarily vintage but I am desperate to find out what kind it is. If I were to send you the link could you identify? There is something written on the left shoulder but I cannot make out what it says. I know little to nothing on leather jackets.

  3. No problem send me the link to or post your link at

    you might get good info there

  4. I've enjoyed reading your site for some time now.

    My interest in high quality leather began with my purchase of a Schott motorcycle jacket. I came across your site and have enjoyed following your progress as a documentarian and garment designer.

    Regarding your frustration in dealing with things technology related (specifically web and graphic design), I would be glad to lend a helping hand from my area of expertise to yours.

    Matthew Kivett - mkivett (at)

  5. Really like the picture of the vintage black leather jakcet. Reminds me of my A2 leather jacket. Nice post!

  6. I recently found a jacket identical to the black leather one pictured here, but the label can no longer be read (though the label is the same size and color as the one in the pic)...
    What is it?

  7. You would have to email me the pictures and other information to ...


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