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Ok, so not every post is about jackets. Fall has come and Canadian thanksgiving and Simcha Torah came on the weekend. I celebrated of course by going up to my sisters place on the Bruce Trail and eating copious amounts of local foods. Sis's neighbour is an Italian trained chef and his house sits right on the headwaters of the Boyne river, a spring fed brook trout river. I awoke stuffed full of turkey and listened to the gurgles of the river running right by the back door, looked out and watched the brookies waiting for flotsam to eat flowing down the river. My wife packed us up to go for a 10 k walk down the Bruce...where I put on my new boots (vintage Herman's) and my vintage Carhartts and trekked down the hillsides. It was cold and I was amazed how incredible my vintage duck canvass pants and Survivor boots performed. My feet were cushioned and warm. Even the burrs and thistles didn't stick to my 80 year old pants, they were incredible.
The Carhartts are from the 1940s...Hamilton Carhartt opened the company in 1889. This guy went from a small 5 sewer shop to an empire. He was a trade unionist to his core...I once sold a deadstock 1930's Carhartt chore jacket and the flasher had 3 paragraphs celebrating the unionized employees of the Carhartt plant. And the best part...there was a plant right here in Toronto...proudly emblazoned on the hardware of his amazing overalls!


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