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So being a chronic oversharer I am proud to show off my first model. Its a size 38 1920s style goatskin jacket. The design is super primitive with a rare large one piece back panel and side gussets with D rings. The shawl collar is complimented by the 1920s cotton taped grommet zipper. The leather is 1.2 mm (3 oz) vegetable tanned goatskin identical in weight, tannage and character to original 20s-30s leather, with cotton topstiching. I tracked down original 30s buttons and have a small supply that I will be using until they run out. The liner is 100% cotton flannel Saskatchewan tartan. This is the very first, I will be making more this week tweaking style versions, design and techniques. I will say that I am very proud of the result!


  1. Looks gorgeous dude -- congrats!

  2. I discussed the jacket with my vintage dealer buddies and my friend John Chapman and they all thought it was awesome..super authentic down to the last

  3. That is an amazing looking jacket. The shawl collar makes it even more desirable. Are you planning on selling your jackets someday?

  4. David,

    The jacket looks great! Truly authentic to the era, but still very modern.

    Keep living the dream!

  5. Well done David.I know you have put a lot of heart and soul into this and it shows.Style for miles,I may be hitting you up!

  6. Right now I'm building 4 versions of this style and I have two more styles coming...each jacket is handcut and sewn by us one piece at a time and we are still costing out the jackets. Hopefully once I have a better idea of price...then the really hard part of figuring out how to sell them begins...Im just trying to focus on making perfect jackets using perfect techniques...we have to relearn lost techniques from the 1930s and recreate all the parts down to the thread, tape and is suprising complex this jacket took two years of research to put together.

  7. Strong work my friend! Keep it coming.

  8. That really is something to be proud of. Nice job. I bet all of the people who have influenced you would agree.
    And thanks for your compliment on my rope stuff.

  9. wow, great stuff!
    keep up the great work


  10. i`ve been watching your glog for the last year.............. you did it. i can`t wait to see cafe style m/c jackets. size 44-46? great work. i`ll keep watching. thanks

  11. Wow thanks for all the support...especially to the glog readers, lol. Hm size 44 Im not there yet we are just starting with 38 until I cost out this little project!

  12. Looks great. I see you used a sewing machine to do the work. Does it take a certain number of stitches or pattern to put something like this together. Do you use cotton, nylon, or silk threading for a leather jacket?

    Troy (

  13. Stitch counts are original to period jackets...counts from 6-10 per inch..cotton thread is we stick to that unless there are technical issues that cant be overcome.

  14. please tell me you plan on manufacturing and selling this design. i want one now!!!

  15. Right now I am not capable of producing more than one jacket per well I am working out some technical issues...I am waiting for parts that are coming from Italy, Japan and other places. As soon as I have the next two patterns worked out, I will take is a very slow process to make everything perfect..we are relearning lost arts here

  16. Awesome jacket.... where's mine?

    ~Rev Mike

  17. Simply amazing!

  18. Hi,

    I love the jacket. I'm interested in buying one. I understand it may take time. Please e-mail me to discuss,

    Thanks so much.

  19. Hi Himel, great work.
    I definetely want one!
    Size 44!
    Let me know when you will be ready.
    Ciao, Michele Lupi (Milan, Italy)

  20. This is a great-looking jacket.

    Another 44, please!

  21. Great jacket, a 38/4à for me will be just fine !

    Anusual design from the past, quite nice simple pattern ! The ancients said "sometime less is more"

    Keep on making beauties !

    Charlie from France

  22. What a nice simple pattern, love the collar shape, a 38 will be just fine for me !

    Keep on manufacturing these beauties

    Charles from France (also a potential buyer)


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