Halle Bros...and Halle Berry ...Thats Hot!

Oh..I will state the obvious..Halle Berry is one of the most beautiful women alive today without question. From a nerdy teenage actress she blossomed into a sensual talented goddess. Now according to my cursory google research...which we all know as potentially flawed she received her nomenclature from the famed retailer Halle Bros. of Cleveland.

Halle Bros was one of America's earliest grand retailers. Founded by the sons of recent immigrant Moses Halle in 1891, this store and later chain became one of the great landmarks in downtown Cleveland. Samuel Horatio Halle and Salmon Potland Chase Halle typified young Jewish entrepreneurs of the day. They bought a hat and furrier store and quickly turned it into a premier retailer of ready to wear.

This coat I have pictured (for sale on ebay) is one of their early mens overcoats. It has the classic early century primitive design..with a small tucked collar, oversized cellulose buttons and a cool reversible feature. One side is leather for inclement conditions and the other side is gabardine for fairer cold weather. How amazing is that...holding a piece of early American history!


  1. These jackets are so influential in contemporary jacket styles!


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