How I spend my Summer Vacations: The future

As part of my strange personality I often ponder how I've gotten to where am at. I try to perceive the future and am always considering where Im trying to go. Im old enough that I have seen many of my friends rise to the heights of power and money and some fall to the streets and the abyss. This kind of stuff never really was on my smorgasbord of consideration as a youth. My vision of my life was about spending time in the wilderness, being unconventional and trying to make beautiful things. Realizing this vision and melding it with real social forces is a long and hard task. While my photos seem rather unconnected, I would say that in fact they all are parts of a cohesive puzzle. The question is: where do you find satisfaction and self worth, get compensated and leave a world that is better off then when you started. Im a nouveau Luddite. I want wilderness that I can run around in and show my friends and family, that is the Canadian way. I want to make an impact on peoples lives and leave some sort of legacy. I want people to consume better and learn to appreciate and pay for things that will benefit their lives. One avenue is my hope to restore the knowledge and history behind North American apparel industry and its great history of quality, production and beauty. As I watch many of my friends become powerful members of society I hope that they have similar goals, not just the desire for constant and ever growing financial gain. We have already seen the disastrous results of the morally bankrupt on Wall Street and here is hoping for a new breed of men and women who will make our world a more healthy, beautiful, smart and equitable place.


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