Joshua Jackson's One Week and Brimaco!

It is not often that as a Canadian I get to brag about vintage leather jackets and Canada. This week Joshua Jackson of Dawsons Creek fame is premiering in a movie called "One Week" in which he discovers that he has terminal cancer and decides to take a one week road trip on his motorcycle across Canada. I can't tell you how excited I was to see a life size cut out of Joshua in his Brimaco, British Cycle Riders jacket from Montreal. It is often believed that all of the early great motorcycle jacket companies and creative original designs came from the U.S.A. but this is not true. Brimaco was one of the earliest leather jacket companies in North America. I had the pleasure to interview the owner about his company 4 years ago. The man was 76 years old. He stated Brimaco opened before 1900 by his "grandfather". Brimaco's stock and trade was the clearly "British" style cafe racer, which they manufactured very early on. Though I cannot claim they invented the style, when I asked if he was aware of the other motorcycle jacket companies he claimed that there was fair trade on design and technique. Where it is clear that Brimaco copied the Harley Cycle is possible that others copied the style and fit of their cafe racer...I'm just going to show a comparison of a Beck early cafe that I have on ebay with a similar Brimaco cafe racer in profile. Go Joshua I hope this movie does well and explodes on screens everywhere!


  1. Hi!

    A really nice blog! I am doing a 10 pages paper about leather jackets for school and I wonder if you have got any tips about good books or websites (apart from yours!) about leatherjackets?


    Lotta Fors, Finland

  2. Hi!

    A really good website! I am a design student from Finland and I am now doing a paper about leatherjackets. Do you know any good books or webistes (apart from yours) about leatherjackets and leatherjackets history?

    Thank you!
    Lotta Fors

  3. You can always look up the website myfreedamn rin Tanaka...he has excellent picture books on motorcycling...if you search leather jackets on amazon, the related books will come up but there are not a lot of histories on the a year or two I will have one, lol.

  4. I'm really enjoying these articles. I like these jackets a lot - they have clean, classic lines and look amazing.

  5. That jacket's quite like the Lewis Leathers 'Super Sportsman'.

    Now there's a quality jacket.

    Great blog.

  6. Like the style, look and fit of a Brimaco leather jacket. Very fine site ti explore.

  7. Interesting jacket - and nice to see a Norton motorcycle in the background finishing off the 'British' look.

    ...and a great blog, by the way...

  8. The Brimaco is a classic cut. The interesting part about Canadian jackets was that they were a nice cross fertilization of the simple American new styles and the British and European styles. Canadians obviously had a greater influence sharing a majority of early trade with the British, and slowly shifting the focus southward toward their American cousins. So these Brimaco jackets tend to reflect both values. Go see the movie!

  9. Can you tell me a good place to buy the jacket he's wearing, or similar? Vancouver area? Just thought Id ask cause you seem to know a lot about the style.

    Thanks man!

  10. you can buy a Brimaco jacket from my ebay auctions top right corner of my blog, lol:O)

  11. I have an original 1981 leather jacket that I purchased from Jerry from Brimaco in Montreal. The jacket is still in excellent shape and I would like to keep it for another 30 years or so. Can you help me find someone in Montreal that can restitch it. I would ship it wherever as well.

    1. brimaco has been gone since the early 90s...i wish I could tell you but I just dont know montreal leather fixers


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