Spots and Road Knights!

So what are all these fantastic custom pieces of leather with their studs and metal and spots everywhere. When I was young and goodlookin me and my friends would buy our leather cyclechamp d-pocket brimaco jackets and customize them with pain, punkrock and metal to be menacing and bad. The more threatening and armor like your jacket, the more bad ass it was. We thought we were so original, and how wrong we were.

Leather and studs go back thousands of years back to the Mycenaean culture and beyond. Inserting metal onto leather was the earliest form of protection and armor making. But what is important is where leather, metal and identity meet. The Medieval knights of the upper classes armored head to toe, had to customize their look to be identified friend or foe. Leather, metal and customization was a long history of warrior culture and continues today from punks and bikers, Rockers of Britain and the old time biker clubs of America. Spots not only saved expensive leathers from scratches and road rash, but they became a form of expression of personal identity. And it didn't hurt to have a flash of shiny nickle when riding down a lonely highway in a black leather jacket when a 2000 lb car came screaming by!


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