Winters Coming get your Horse and Wool!!!

Ok, after taking a long break from blogging Im back for today!!! I have a million things to write about. Most importantly, winter is coming, tommorrow is a federal election here in Canada, and as usual, Ebay in all its continued insanity has had another sale day first day after a long weekend, and on the same day as the federal election. Just how rude and stupid can the business office at Ebay Canada be? That aside, I've not been blogging due to my deep desire to build my own website. It is coming along slowly so stay tuned. On that note, winter is coming. What did the bold and the hearty do back in the day. Why they wore horsehide, either lined with wool or combined with wool. How cool is that? The deep protective waterproof qualities of horsehide jackets mixed with the warm scratch bold masculine plaids of wool. Jackets cannot be made today with this manly design and masculine materials. Damn they were good back in the day!!!!!!


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