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  1. I'd love to see the back of this jacket.

  2. Hi David, what a great jacket you have there. I recently purchase a vintage half belt leather jacket, but the condition is a little bit awful. When the jacket arrives, I put olive oil to soften the leather and believe me it takes 500ml to return the leather into a supple good condition.

    Now I wonder, because the jacket already have some crack here and there due to inappropriate care from the previous owner, what is the best way to make the crack less visible, or even to return it almost back to normal condition. Do you have any suggestion? Thanks :)

  3. Hi David what a great jacket you have there. I myself recently purchase a vintage half belt jacket, but when it arrives I noticed that the previous owner did not give proper care to it. I quickly take some olive oil to moisten the jacket and believe me it takes 500ml to return the jacket into supple condition.

    Do you have any suggestion, since the jacket itself have crack and scratch here and there, to at least make those crack and scratch less visible? Is re-dye-ing the jacket is a good solution? Thanks

  4. i dont think redying will work .. there are generally two kinds of finishes...on a jacket...analine and pigment...pigment is really like acrylic if you match the colour you can litterally repaint it. Analine can be bought at tandys or other leather goods suppliers..and can even out colour...but for actual cracks buying a good leather contact cement and actually glueing tiny cracks together is really good if the glue is pro...because the glue is often stronger then the original leather...but beware glue shows if you goop it around


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