Internet, Joy of New People and Reno!

One of the amazing effects of the bloggosphere is this incredible fortuitous synchronicity where I meet and interact with people across the globe whose only common bond to me is the love of well made leather. Just one such event happened in the last 2 weeks where through the miracle of the web Joe from Reno said Howdoo and sent me pics of his incredible jacket. Joe was the classic hippy of the Haight Asbury days. He bought the jacket on Castro street right from the East West Musical Instruments store. As the "old greybeard" was telling me, he was leaving Reno for Penn. and found his old jacket which hasnt fit in 20 years. I was astounded at its beauty and design and am hoping that Joe will send me some photos and stories of his jackets journey when he gets settled in his new home. He inspired me to go to Reno last week, and damn I had fun playing poker and hiking in the gorgeous mountain air.

I spoke with local Police about their jacket suppliers, and even got to play poker with Ken Shamrock, Ultimate Cage Fighter. Im glad I can say I know where cowboys come from!!!


  1. Wow really rare one! That model is called the "Andromeda".
    thanks for the pic!

  2. Joe.. in case you read this.. Very interested in the jacket.
    Shoot me an email

  3. I've recently discovered (I wasn't around for the 70's) east west leather jackets and am truly amazed by them. I've been trying to find photos and information on how they were made. I've read the greenspan link and clicked on every "east west leather" link that turned up on google and yahoo. There really aren't many photos out there of these incredible pieces of art. I was hoping you could point me in the right direction. I've found 2 magazines on ebay that have a few pages featuring east west but sadly that is it. Please help!



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