If I Could Blow up Bell

Holy Crap!! This post has nothing to do with vintage leather jackets. Bell Canada, my former dsl provider that I fired, has struck back at me. The bastards at Bell are using their monopoly status to mess with their regulated wholesale customers. The very customers that in order to provide competition to bell lease a pipe from bell to provide me DSL. I quit bell because of their stupid stupid customer service and incredibly bad service, on top of which they started throttling their customers. It was the last straw for me. Bell Canada Puke Puke cough I vomit on your corporate face. So now that they are losing thousands of customers a day to their incredibly bad stupid bad bad stupid service, they have decided to single handedly level the playing field by limiting the service of their wholesale customers. Great. If Bell wont give it to you someone else will....try until bell messes their service from bells side. They are wrecking everybodys sandbox. Nice work, I will be calling the crtc tomorrow and trying to find out what moron is in charge of allowing this kind of nonsense. Canadians like to be whipping boys, we have a culture of domination, lets not put up with crap from bell and make some noise people. I apologize in advance for and profanities used in this post:

UPDATE: I wrote the CRTC and the Prime Ministers Office:
Guess what, I got a nice form letter back with reference to the Minister they suggest I contact it said the follows:
Dear Mr. Himel:

On behalf of the Right Honourable Stephen Harper, I would like to thank you for your e-mail, in which you raised an issue which falls within the portfolio of the Honourable Jim Prentice, Minister of Industry. The Prime Minister always appreciates receiving correspondence on subjects of importance to Canadians.

Please be assured that the statements you made have been carefully reviewed. I have taken the liberty of forwarding your e-mail to Minister Prentice, so that he too may be made aware of your comments. I am certain that the Minister will give your views every consideration. For more information on the Government's initiatives, you may wish to visit the Prime Minister's Web site, at www.pm.gc.ca.

L.A. Lavell
Executive Correspondence Officer
for the Prime Minister's Office
Agent de correspondance
de la haute direction
pour le Cabinet du Premier ministre


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