Its Been an Exciting Budget

Well its the day after the Provincial Budget and I finally get my wife back. I was looking hopefully toward some help from either government to start my new business but sadly Canada's idea of a future economy involves a future where big inefficient monopolies continue to squeeze working Canadians for every dime they make and small innovative companies and new ideas get very little incentive to open or operate. Its the Canadian way, resource exploitation, monopoly and mediocrity. The problem always goes back to the power brokers who run our province and country. They are not too smart, too creative or broad based, usually from old money families with old money mentalities, with mediocre educations in the classic MBA, Law School genre. My favorite Canadian line from every MBA graduate I ever met is "Ideas are a dime a dozen" it is all in the implementation". Of course that is code for old money and conservatism and power stays with power to maintain power! Those same people never talk about the implementationers who get off they're collective arses and then get stymied by lack of private, government and institutional support all run by these uncreative nere-do-wells! Ok enough gripe fest, back to the Leather!

I joined a great site yesterday called "The Fedora Lounge". These guys discuss vintage fashion and vintage replica fashion. Many many of the members are quite knowledgeable about leather. I haven't put my two cents in, but it is nice to see people discussing the kinds of things I like to write about here. Also, it made me wish I could get more questions or discussion or commentary on my own blog. I'm always looking for commentary or questions, and I am hoping people send me pictures of their own jackets or relatives in jackets or club gear so I can post some new images or engage in more conversation.

On that note I have been going through my own collections of jackets and club gear and I have come to a conclusion; I am a geek, a serious serious crazy geek. I'm stuck and I have to open a museum! The photos: East West Jacket! Really cool picture of a dude on a bike! Daniel Boone famous label from the 1930s-1940s where they made mostly sporting jackets in the motorcycle jacket and horsehide sporting coats.


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