Horsehide and the Government:

My new Friend called me today slightly in a panic. "David do you know or have any research about Horsehide showing why it is a superior leather to cowhide?" I of course know tons about horsehide but actual documentation; I have none. My friend is desperate...he doesnt want to lose a governement contract to cheap Chinese leather crap. I now have a real live moment to try and help save some business and justify staying local to the government...real issues with real jobs at stake. Man, governments and people are so damn short cited, they will cut corners no matter who or what is at stake even lives. I'm busy scouring the internet for documents and now realise the only research is over 90 years old, still relevant but published in old books. Google book search has all the copies online and Im trying to figure out how to download them!!! Even the U.S. military specifies horsehide for their leather garments, but I cant seem to find the documentation to prove why! If anybody out there has horsehide research send some my and help me help someone in need......


  1. Ask to custom western boots maker like Tex Robin, etc. Horsehide is not one of favorite leather among those maker,IMO.


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