GOOGLE The real Danger of Monopolies

Google is a godsend in one way and a Great Satan in another. Part of the great blessing of emergent monopolies are the incredible public works and innovation they bring to us all. Like the Pyramids or the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Google is quickly becoming a great civilization creating and buying up Public Works and Private Works and Centralizing them into one giant global digital wonder. The problem is: like all digital or real civilizations, power leads to corruption, indifference, lack and revolution. Google doesn't want to go the way of the Romans, Egyptians and the Babylonians, but like other Megapolies, they are always teetering on the edge of pissing off the digital world.
My giant Google peeve of the week: I recently did some research using the Google Library "Book" project. For those out of the loop Google is working with Libraries all over the world to digitize their collections for all to read, especially books Pre 1920 out of copyright. Last week I found these said "out of copyright books" and was merrily reading and researching along and damn...this week, not available. Like all normal people I tried and tried to get them back, please where is my complete published essaying on tanning in North no avail. I tried calling good luck with that, they don't entertain outside customer service calls. I guess we virtual customers arnt so relevant in the big scheme of the unpaid and over tracked. Google, Ebay and other megopolies have more levels of avoidance then the President of the United States. Great...they have digitized all these out of copyright books just in time for no body to be able to read them! I cant find these out of print copies anywhere except in their newly created digital vault. Gah..I have no idea how to get my information back....I wish I had a digital bomb to blow the doors off ....


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