Wow who knew it was so hard to make Jackets

What a daunting month it has been. My Uncle passed away and there were many family events and duties to attend to so I have been absent from my blog. Now I am deep into the travails of trying to sort out this whole leather jacket thing. One would think having a simple desire to make a cool jacket would be easy to fulfill but nooooo....

Problem One: No one seems to know how to make a proper jacket from scratch anymore. All the leather companies that used traditional methods are out of business.

Problem Two: No one seems to tan leather in North America anymore. Wow, who knew that every aspect of business has moved to China even the tanneries.

Problem Three: I need a Pattern maker who knows how to work in Leather...yowch, Im yelling into the wind on this one. Try and find anybody who actually knows anything about leather that isnt one foot in the grave.

So these are my sad tales, I have met with ten people this week and they all had discouraging words for me. Oh well, lets hope to meet someone with some positive information next week


  1. Hi David,

    I just discovered your site, and it is fascinating. I was wondering if you knew about the Good Wear Leather Coat Company. They appear to be rather remarkable.

    Doug Drexler


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