Weird. I was sitting around today thinking about my past in academics and art, and starting to doubt why I am trying to go through this process. Why make clothing? there is clearly no money in it, no style left to create. I went for a walk in the giant outdoor shopping mall that is Queen Street West, and looked at the "vintage inspired" designs that proliferated the shelves from boots and bags to jackets and jeans.

I relived all the design pieces I have sold to Ralph Lauren, A.F and all the other companies that have dissected these pieces like Dr. Frankenstein to recreate this re constructivist fashion that proliferates like a Maoist uniform in the retail world. Sometimes it overwhelms me when I see new fashion because after so many years in schmata I see all the little bits and pieces ripped from their offspring, a pocket from this jacket and a collar from that jacket.

What did I learn? Well my thoughts turned to Japan where they continually recreate identical copies, both in style and form of all things vintage (1900 to 1975). IS THERE ROOM FOR ME?

Epiphany: I want to carry on the traditions of those dead and gone Jews who designed with utility and beauty... as though corporatist fashion crapola never appeared and then exported the whole industry to slave labour in Asia. I want to extend the hand of my grandfather and his brothers, picking up where my father left the gap to go on to medicine. Lets hope this goal is possible and I hope it is lofty as well cause if it is a mediocre desire, I suspect it will end in disappointment.


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  3. Making leather jackets. Im only just researching these things myself. Tandy leather company usually has a shop in every major city and they give courses in anything to do with leather. They also supply all the equipment and leather that you might need. They are very helpful. If I have any better suggestions i will keep you posted as I update my log.

    Thanks for your input


  4. In response to Nuno, I can only suggest a good google of William Barry and some hope and prayer. Deerskin leather jacket production centered in Wisconsin in the good ole U.S.A. Barry and Midwestern Sport Togs appear to be two of the most prolific producers. Berlin Wisconsin to be exact, I might suggest looking up Thurlow leathers, they were in business last I checked and they started in the 1900s. Also download a good auction sniper and look on ebay. The best encyclopedia on Leather Jackets is a series of books written by Rin Tanaka published through Schiffer publishing. The histories are a bit light on info, but the pictures are phenomenal. Rin has access to all of the best leather collectors in the US and Japan. He doesnt have a ton of knowledge on Canadian Leather which was as important as US leather but dont hold that against him.

    thanks for your comment

  5. I have a 30 year old Thurlow riding jacket I would like to sell. Its a size 42, and in very good shape. Sold originally for 400-500 dollars. Any thoughts on how much I should ask, and how to sell it other than eBay?



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